Choosing a Right Family Camping Tent

Choosing the right tent for your family’s first camping trip will save you some money as you have avoided having to consider an upgrade shortly after. This article lists some key factors to help you decide which tent is best suited for your family.


Sleeping Capacity


Do not believe the measurement that a two man tent would in fact let two adults sleeps inside the tent comfortably, it does not work. The specification merely means that two adults in sleeping bags could fit inside tightly with no excess space for bags and clothes. Hence, a two man tent actually is ideal for one person with some room to keep your backpack and some other personal belongings. Similarly, for a family of four, the tent size you should be looking at is a six person tent.




Tents are graded by seasons. 3-season tent s are the most popular type as they are light weight and designed for the moderate temperature of the spring, summer and fall. It can protect against heavy rains but may not be able to withstand strong winds, extreme storm or snow.


An extended season tent (3+ season) is design especially for early spring and late fall when there are still snow. It often has more poles and less panels. This type of tent is more suitable for high altitude camping condition.Although very sturdy, it may not protect you against extreme winter environment as a 4-season tents described below.


4-season tents are also known as mountaineering or expedition tents. They are built to be able to stand firm against very strong wind and heavy snow. They have even more poles and the fabrics used are much more heavier. In harsh winter weather, this is the right tent to relied upon.


Other Features


– Doors. Two or more doors are appropriate for family camping as it offer the least disturbances whenever anyone needs to go for toilet breaks at night.


– Floor length. For taller person, consider to with a floor length of 90 inches instead of the standard 84 to 88 inches.


– Peak Height. If you prefer high ceiling or being able to stand up while changing clothes, then go for a taller peak.


– Dome tent. The design is the most popular as it offers excellent strength and shield against strong winds.


– Windows. Ventilation is important during hot summer nights.


– Tent Poles. All family tents nowadays are with fewer poles and much easier to pitch. It is freestanding and can be lifted up easily and relocate to a new spot to your liking.


– Rainfly. This extra waterproof cover is important to keep your tent and the content inside nice and dry during heavy storms.


– Storage pockets. Most tents offer one or two pockets for keeping smaller items off the floor and make them easier to find.


– Vestibules. This is a fabric awnings extended out from the tent creating a small storage space to keep your muddy boots or backpacks.


Optional accessories


– Tent repair kit
– seam sealer
– Floor mat
– Portable fan with light
– paracord