Essential equipment a new camper should have

All the camping stores carry huge range of equipment and tools and it is very easy to get confused. The list below is useful for anyone new to camping to start with and build up their gears wisely over time.


High quality waterproof tent


This is the most critical piece you must get it right from the very beginning because a wet or flooded tent is the worst thing that could happen and ruin your vacation. A two men tent is comfortable for one person plus space to keep your backpack and other stuff. A four men tent will fit three adults at most. For car camping, it is best to get a big tent that you can stand up when changing clothes, move around, or simply escape inside during poor weather.




If you camp in the wild, especially those without without washroom facility, a good shovel is handy in digging holes as temporary toilet. in addition, it is also useful for extinguishing campfire, hammering tent pegs or squashing insects, etc. Choose a good quality one with sturdy handle.


 First Aid Kit


First Aid Kit is a must for all outdoor enthusiasts because you never know when an accident will happen. A good kit should be well stocked and up to date. It should include other items such as insect repellent, antibacterial ointment, blister and insect bite / sting relief treatment, as well as antihistamine to treat allergic reactions,..etc. Consider attending a brief training session because knowing how to use the items in your kit is as important as having and carrying them.


Mattress and sleeping bag


New camper must not skimp on these two essentials. Ensure you buy a good quality self inflating mattress and a high quality sleeping bag rated for the season you are going camping. Please refer to the article “How to choose a sleeping bag” for more information.



Campsites are usually very dark at night, therefore headlamps, flashlights and or lanterns are must have for every campers if you want to go for a walk or just going to the washroom. There is a vast array of lighting gadgets available at every outdoor stores, LED, battery operated, solar rechargeable, gas..etc. It is s good idea to spend some time researching and making the right choice for your needs and within your budgets. Tip: Go for the brightest one you can afford and you will appreciate the brightness in all your subsequent camping trips.


Foldable table and chairs


Unless you are going backpacking, a fold up table and some chairs are so convenient and handy that you will likely bring along in all your future outings. It is cheap and simple and a place for everyone to gather around during meal times. At night, many items can be placed above ground on the table top.