How to Choose a Camping Stove

With such a wide array of camping products available in the market, choosing the right gear can be a little intriguing. Below are some key factors that can help you make the best decision that fits your needs.


Car Camping Stove vs Backpacking Stove


For car camping, vehicle that can reach right up to the campsite, the stove can be as heavy and bulky as you prefer. These are typically made of steel and are more durable.Backpacking stoves are usually much smaller and made of light materials such as titanium or aluminum as weight and size are crucial factors. A backpacking stoves designed with fuel efficiency can be used for car camping as well but not the other way round.


Size and number of burners


The number of burners is relevant for car camping only as most backpackers would prefer the light one burner type, typically meant for 1 to 3 person. For car camping with 3 to 7 person, a compact two burners is usually adequate, it is also smaller and can easily fit inside the boot area. For 7 person or more, it may be better to consider a three burner stand alone stove with legs as it does not need additional table. Another option is to choose a two burner plus a one burner stove as this offers more flexibility and allow two person to cook at the same time.


Length of trip


This factor is critical for backpacking stove as it is important to carry enough fuel to last through the duration of trip. If your backpack has extra room, throw in a second ultra light weight stove together with a one or two additional gas cartridges is a good backup plan.


Fuel Type


Gas canisters stove that use butane and Propane fuels are the most common and popular type nowadays because it is convenient and easy to deploy, just screw onto the stove and you are set to start cooking. They are also lighter and the preferred choice for both the backpackers and car campers. Important note: for high altitude and very cold temperature camping, propane fuel is a must as butane will not work effectively.

Choosing the right camping stove that fits your needs will certainly add joy to your camping trip. Choosing the wrong one will ruin your cooking experience.


Tips: If you have two stove or one lantern and a stove, a butane splitter is handy to connect all with just one fuel tank.